How to Book

Once you’ve selected an Upcoming Tour you need to:

a) Complete and submit our Booking Form below.

b) When the form is submitted successfully, a success message will immediately appear on the screen. If the message does not appear, the form was not submitted successfully and you will need to try again – thank you for your patience.

c) You will receive an email with a copy of your submission and another email advising if a place has been reserved for you on our tour. To confirm your place on the tour, you will be required to pay the total price of your tour within 7 days of receiving the email.

By submitting the Booking Form you confirm the details provided in the form are true and correct as set out in the form and agree to our terms and conditions.

We will only decline your booking if your nominated tour is over-subscribed or we think it would be unwise for you to join the tour (eg because of a medical condition disclosed on your form, or because your dietary requirements cannot be met). We will refund the tour price to you if we decline your booking.

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