Packing List

WHAT TO BRING/CHECKLIST: Kumano Kodo & Koyasan Tour

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  • 2 pairs pants.
    At least one pair to be long. No jeans.
    We suggest for all clothing that it is comfortable and of a quick dry fabric
  • 2 short sleeved shirts or tops.
  • 2 long sleeved shirts or tops.
  • Thermal long pants and top.
  • Polar fleece jacket.
  • Waterproof worn in lace up walking boots
    With good ankle support and treaded soles.
  • Thick woollen socks
    3 or more pairs.
  • Thin woollen socks
    For wearing under thick socks (optional).
    Some people prefer to wear a thin sock under a thick sock to assist in the prevention of blisters.
  • Underwear
    Enough for 5 days
    NB: There is an opportunity to launder clothes midway through the tour.
  • Windproof and waterproof jacket.
    Not merely water resistant; we walk in high rainfall areas and it is likely that we will walk through rain. Waterproof pants are optional.
  • Hat/Cap and sunscreen.
  • We suggest 2 pairs; one pair waterproof and the other a thinner or liner pair.
  • Beanie and scarf or a neck gaiter.
  • Casual clothes and shoes
    For the days we are not walking.
  • Bathers
    For use in the thermal springs at Kawayu if time and weather permit.
  • Walking poles (and gloves if desired).
    Bamboo poles may be available for purchase at start of walk.
  • Leggings and a T-shirt to relax in at night time.
    Slippers, a yukata (a light cotton wrap-around Japanese dressing gown) and a jacket for extra warmth to wear in the inn (the yukata can also be used to sleep in), are provided at all the Japanese inns we stay at. For reasons of modesty and comfort, leggings or shorts and a T-shirt to wear under the yukata are recommended.
  • Small collapsible bag (optional).
    For use on day 2 to hold overnight requirements.
  • Day pack
    To carry lunch, water for the day and wet weather gear. We recommend a good quality pack with waist strap to support the weight of the pack.
  • Waterproof pack cover.
  • Water bottle and/or water bladder (camel pack).
  • Dry bags
    For keeping passport, clothing and other items dry in the event of rain.
  • Personal medication and toiletries.
    Please note that disposable toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, hairdryers (and usually disposable brushes or combs) are provided at the Japanese inns and hotels along the tour.
  • Personal first aid kit
    Example: Compeed, walkers wool, band aids, antiseptic cream.
  • Hand sanitiser
    Small bottle to fit into daypack.
  • Chargers and adaptors.
  • Japanese currency
    To pay for meals not included, drinks and other personal purchases along the way. The traditional Japanese inns that we stay at will usually only take cash as payment for any additional drinks or snacks. We suggest 25,000 – 30,000 JPY. In Japan, ATMs that accept credit cards commonly used in Australia can usually be found at post offices or 7/11 stores. There will be an opportunity to go to an ATM at Tanabe on day 3.
  • Passport
    In Japan it is necessary to carry your passport with you at all times.
  • Copies of your travel documents
    Passport, travel insurance and emergency contact numbers.
  • Coffee or tea bags (optional).
    All inns provide green tea but for those who desperately need coffee or other tea in the morning it is a good idea to bring along coffee or tea bags. There is hot water at breakfast to make a cup of coffee.
  • Protein bars/nuts (optional)
    For energy snacks along the walk.
  • Cereal Sachets/Milk (optional).
    Breakfast at the inns is traditional style with rice, vegetable and usually grilled fish. You may wish to bring porridge sachets or cereal with you. Whilst there is access to hot water for drinks, milk for cereal is not readily available. You would need to bring along small long life milk packs.
  • Inflatable pillow (optional)
    Generally the pillows provided in the inns are filled with dried beans and
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